Happy Mother’s Day with the Ministry of Craft

Remember those macaroni cards and misshapen pots you used to make at school for Mother’s Day? Of course, your mum loved them and they were immediately put in pride of place on the fridge and coffee table because, after all, you put a lot of love and effort into the finished piece but let’s face it – they were a bit rubbish and rather ugly really, weren’t they?

Well, now you can make your ma something beautiful that she’ll be even more happy to keep thanks to the folk over at the Ministry of Craft, who are hosting yet another fabulous Crafty Pick ‘N’ Mix activity day on March 17th at Fred Aldous art shop in Manchester city centre.

Between 10:00 and 16:00, you can indulge your inner crafter and make your mummy a very cheerful purse – adorned with cherries or stripes – an upcycled floral corsage out of groovy hosiery, a very well decorated cupcake with lessons from professional icing queen Anna Sullivan of Little Paper Cakes or a linocut printed card, complete with gift vouchers. What better way to say I love you, mum? It’s a definite improvement on that soggy macaroni card, that’s for damn sure!

Mother’s Day in Manchester

Here’s what else is on up north for you to show your appreciation for the alma mater.

1. Do it in style at Harvey Nichols on March 18th. Nothing quite says ‘I love you’ like a three-course lunch and some posh champagne.

2. All the fun of the fair! Jigsaw in The Triangle is hosting afternoon tea on March 18th, with local contemporary crafts courtesy of the Manchester Craft Mafia, vintage gramophone DJs and how-to workshops on floral design.

3. Say it with flowers. Whisk your ma off to Spinningfields for a flower-arranging class with David Wayman Flowers on March 17th or 18th. She’ll get a personalised apron and a glass of champagne into the bargain! (And pssst…Here’s a 67% discount on this for you, although you only have around 11 hours left to sign up for it. Go, go, go!)


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