Freebie Friday: A sweet little sock monkey!

As I was walking home the other day I heard a rather odd chirruping noise coming from some undergrowth. Upon some rather muddy investigation I found this adorable sock monkey cowering all sad and alone, waiting for someone to rescue him from the terrifying sounds of deepest, darkest Manchester (a far cry from the jungles of Africa and no doubt a frightening prospect for any baby sock monkey). He was abandoned by his mother for being the runt of the litter but all he needs is a bit of TLC and a loving home.

He can’t remember his name – if he ever had one – so if you come up with a moniker he’s happy with, he’d love to be adopted by you. His bags are all packed and ready to go, so start coming up with those names, people. Just add your chosen name in the comment box below and you could make a sad little sock monkey very happy indeed!

9 Responses to “Freebie Friday: A sweet little sock monkey!”
  1. Has the little guy found a home yet?

  2. Chesire Monkey…like the Chesire cat lol. He’s such a cutie ❤

  3. Marvin Bush says:

    i think your monkey looks like Marvin, a handsome chap like myself.

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