A nail art how-to

If you’ve tried marbling and newspaper nails and want to find another way to give yourself some serious jazz hands, then this is the nail art how-to for you. Go big or go home!

How to: Do cool chevron nails


– 3 complementary shades of nail varnish. I used 17’s True Blue and Chaperone, and Collection 2000’s Blue Hawaii

– Paper hole reinforcers


– Paint 4 of your nails in the darkest shade of polish and 1 in the lightest

– Stick 2 reinforcers together and position on each of your nails near the base.

– Paint all 5 nails in the medium shade

– Move the reinforcers up the nail and paint the tips of the 4 nails with the darkest base coat in the lightest colour

– Paint the last finger’s tip in the darkest colour

– Once dry, apply a clear top coat to protect all your hard work.

HOT TIPS:┬áMake sure the base coat is fully dry before moving onto the next stage and, when all layers are done, press down on your nail to even out the edges between the colours. Be warned – your nails will take ages to dry.

One for the road

Here are a couple of other nail art tutorials to keep you going.

1. Be front-page news with this journalism-style nail art how-to.

2. Get your marble on with this helpful video.

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  2. […] A nail art how-to (blackcatoriginals.wordpress.com) […]

  3. […] A nail art how-to (blackcatoriginals.wordpress.com) […]

  4. […] A nail art how-to (blackcatoriginals.wordpress.com) […]

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