The luck of the Irish

St Patrick’s Day is almost here. Only three days to go! Try to contain your excitement for an hour or two while you whip up some of these charming four-leaf clover pennants to wear as you down Guinness in the pub. I promise you, you’ll be the toast of the town (well, you and St Patrick obviously. You are celebrating him and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland after all).

How to: Make four-leaf clover pennants


– Green felt in 2 colours

– Cardboard for templates

– White thread/needle

– Glue

– Brooch pins


– Draw a 3×3 cm square on your cardboard and round off the top so it’s M-shaped

– Use this to create 4 of these shapes out of your choice of felt

– Double up your thread and stitch a running stitch so that they’re all hung on the same thread

– Tie a knot in one end of the thread and pull the other side so the leaves bunch together

– On the underside make a stitch and pull tight so your leaves are in the right place (bit tricky but you’ll get it with practice)

– Draw a 2×5 cm rectangle on your cardboard and cut a V-shape out of one end

– Using the template, make the pennant’s ribbon out of your other colour of felt and then stitch along the inner edge

– Glue to the back of your clover, then stick a brooch pin on the back. You are now ready to rock and roll!

What have you made for this, the most Irish of days?


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