Monday’s Points of Pinterest

Hop, skip and jump your way into spring with some of these rather adorable Wascally Wabbits, found on Pinterest. Even Elmer Fudd would have a hard time hating these bouncing bunnies.

1. Cup of bunny, anyone? This rabbit in a teapot print was pinned from Etsy by Eliz Huseyin. It’s only the cutest thing in the world ever.

2. I heart rabbits! For fabric showing some serious Leporidae love, get this Holli Zollinger linen, pinned by Sew Sweetness from Spoonflower.

3. Bunnies pop, not hop! These charming rabbit cookie pops were pinned from Craft Gossip by the wonderful Roxie Walters.

4. Ears looking at you, kid. This Martha Stewart napkin-folding tutorial was pinned by P K.

5. Bunny buttons rule the hutch. Pinner Wendys Hat found these little darlings on Flickr.

6. Cupcakes rule, carrots drool. How great are these tasty morsels, pinned by Kimber [little sapling toys] from Craft Gossip?

7. Burlap bunnies, ahoy. This hop-tastic tutorial was pinned by Laura Kohler from Urban Hoot.

Got any springtime bunny projects on the go? Let’s have a quick peek!


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