Ahoy there!

I recently became an auntie for the first time and have since been dreaming up lots of little crafty projects to make presents for my new nephew, so anchors up for the first one – a very ship-shape cushion. This one’s for you, Cap’n Freddie!

How to: Make a boat-iful cushion


5 different fabrics

– Ribbon

– 2 different colours of felt

– Scissors/sewing machine/needle and thread


– Measure out the hull of your boat on 2 contrasting fabrics with the dimensions: top 30cm, bottom 13cm, sides 16cm

– Measure out your sails in quarters on 4 contrasting fabrics, with the dimensions: long side 30cm, short side 24.5cm, bottom 16.5cm

– Cut them all out a little bigger than you want your boat to be

– Sew the first 2 sails together, followed by the second 2

– Sew each pair of sails to one half of the hull, so you end up with two vaguely kite-esque halves

– Cut three 6cm pieces of ribbon, fold in half and pin to one of these halves so they are on the right side (I did this wrong because I’m somewhat silly and had to unpick it)

– Cut a circle of felt out and do a blanket stitch around the edge, before cutting a shape or letter (I went with F, naturally, this being Captain Freddie’s ship) of your choosing out and gluing it on the circle. Sew this to one of the sails

– Sew both halves of sails and hull with the wrong sides together, leaving a hole in the bottom of the boat (this is the one and only time a hole in the bottom of a boat is acceptable)

– Turn your boat the right way round and stuff until you’re satisfied, then sew up the hole (sailors of old would use rubber patches, wood plugs or the sails themselves, but you’ll just have to make do with a needle and thread).

PS. I did make some bias binding to go around the hull but I’m not very good at it yet so didn’t include it in the how-to, since I don’t want to tell you how to do it all wrong. If you have any tips to help me out in this respect, that would be wonderful!

Get ready to set sail!


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