Monday’s Points of Pinterest: Tea Parties

Get Decorating

– Beautiful button bunting pinned by Jenna Curammeng from

– Teacup lighting pinned by Jennifer Cisney from

– Rose-folded napkins pinned by Dottie Kozlowski

– Teabag invitations pinned by Jessica Roper from

Serving Suggestions

– Heart-shaped sugar cubes pinned by Cindy Aitchison from

– Cupcake toppers pinned by Katie Hutchison from

– Blueberry vodka lemonade pinned by Sarah Mia (via Jane Wang) from

– Cream cheese strawberries pinned by Judith Pinon-Menendez from

– Quilted teapot and cups pinned by Dharma Rebel from

What To Wear

– Tea dresses pinned by Hannah Pobar from

– DIY neon-tipped shoes pinned by Ashley Henry from

– Men’s suit and hat (and don’t forget the flowers!) pinned by Love.Luck.Kisses&Cake from

– Men’s braces and bow tie pinned by Ashley Virginia Thornton from

– Cloche pinned by Kathy Brady-O’Brien from


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