A cupcake stand how-to

What’s worse than baking some beautiful cupcakes with the perfect rose swirl icing and having to keep them on a beaten up old plate because you have no other option? Absolutely nothing, that’s what. But don’t worry – if you follow this really very simple tutorial you’ll be able to make your own in a jiffy, way better than any you can buy in the shops.

This post was brought to you by me, in honour of my High Tea linky party, which is on until tomorrow at 16:00. Why not come along and share some of your favourite foodie blog posts?

How to: Make  your own stupendous cupcake stand


– 3 pieces of A2 foam board

– Colourful paper of your choice (I had some lovely stuff left over from Christmas)

– Washi tape of your choosing

– A roll of sticky-back plastic

– Scissors/glue/cutting board


– Draw and cut out 3 circles on your foam board, with diameters of 20.5cm, 30.5cm and 35.5cm

– Each of these need crosses cut out of the middle, 0.5cmx6.5cm, 0.5cmx9cm and 11.5cm respectively

– Cut out 3 circles (using the same measurements) on your paper

– Smear glue over your foam boards and stick the corresponding pieces of paper down. While waiting for them to dry, keep them under something heavy otherwise the boards bend a little and can’t be unbent.

– Once dry, tape around the edges with washi tape

– Then cover with sticky-back plastic so they are easily wipeable

For the stand

– Cut out two pieces of foam board, 1 33cm long and the other 30cm long (see pictures for shapes)

– In the shorter piece, cut a slot 0.5cmx17cm out of the middle and one 0.5cmx12.5cm out of the longer one

– Once the slots and notches have been cut out, piece together.

Tadaa! Now you have the perfect display stand for all your beautiful baking creations.

So what do you think? Will you be making one of these any time soon?

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