Monday’s Points of Pinterest: Punk ain’t dead

Here at Black Cat Originals this week, we’re looking into the subversive nature of craft, from punky DIY projects to embroidery graffiti. To whet your appetite, here are some of the best punky pins Pinterest has to offer. Rock on, crafters.

DRESS UP (left to right):

– Dress pinned by Brenda Carson from Beyond The Rack

– Jacket pinned by Anne Marie from We Heart It

– Clutch pinned by Andrea Solis from Polyvore

– Trainer mohican pinned by Ruf Mirza from Tumblr

– Shoe pinned by Katie Hatch from Tumblr

DECOR (l-r):

– Table decorations pinned by Gabby Martinez from Hostess Blog

– Union Jack chair pinned by Yanti Arifin from Fab

– Baby mohican planters pinned by Vinit Patel from Etsy

IN ART (l-r):

– Punk and granny photo pinned by Martha Newman from Tumblr

– Graffiti pinned by Elise Hamersky from Tumblr

– Banksy piece pinned by C J Szabo from Whip Up

DIY (top to bottom):

– Punk up your own trainers pinned by Marce Camare from The Old Fashioned Blog

РCrafty punk ring pinned by Motte von Pankratz from Studs and Pearls

– Knitted punk pinned by Amanda Goode from 22 Words


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