Ukepunk rocks Manchester

Hearing Sheena is a Punk Rocker played live on a ukulele really is an experience that everyone should enjoy at least once in their short time upon this green, green earth. I’m one of the lucky few who is already able to check this off her bucket list, since I made my way to Cushion bar in Altrincham on Friday night to watch Ukepunk and the Forty Thieves school Manchester in the art of 1970s skanking.

This video of the band playing one of their own original songs will show you just what you’re missing:

And here are a couple of stills, mixed with a few reactions from the very eclectic crowd:

So – what’s the most interesting gig you’ve ever been to?

2 Responses to “Ukepunk rocks Manchester”
  1. julie patten says:

    Follow this band they are “THE DOGS” X

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