Cinnamon pinwheels: The easiest recipe in the world

Baking doesn’t have to be an absolute ordeal, sweating away over a hot stove and moaning about the insane amounts of washing-up you’re left with. Sound familiar? Well, if you’re on the lookout for a hassle-free cooking experience without compromising on taste then tadaa! Cinnamon pinwheels it is. Here comes the science bit:

Recipe time


– 250g puff pastry

– 2tsp ground cinnamon

– 50g caster sugar

– 1 beaten egg


– Lightly flour your surface and roll out your pastry to around 20cm

– Mix your cinnamon and sugar together and then sprinkle half onto your pastry

– Roll this into the pastry and then brush your egg on top

– Add the rest of the cinnamon and sugar and then roll the pastry up

– Slice quite thinly, stick your rolls on a baking tray and cook at 180 degrees C for 10 minutes

– Sprinkle with a bit of sugar and then thoroughly enjoy!

How easy does that sound?! I’ve provided you with this delicious little recipe in honour of my High Tea linky party, which starts today at 16:00. If you’ve got some snack ideas – or anything that might fit in with this theme – then don’t forget to share your posts!

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