Knit happens with the Yarnbomb Consortium

Knitters of Manchester – rejoice! Chances are you’ll be seeing a hell of a lot more strands of wool adorning the city streets on your happy little travels in the future, since the Yarnbomb Consortium has just been set up by a canny local artist who’s already been busy showing off her stocking stitch on lampposts and fences around and about.

Kerry Howarth is the one we all have to thank for bringing yarnbombing – graffiti with a ball of wool instead of with a spray can – that much closer to home, launching the consortium on April 2nd and promoting it through Facebook. As someone who studied fine art at university, she was keen to take her work in a new direction – one that was less highbrow and more accessible to all. “[Fine art] didn’t really sit well with me,” she says. “I like producing work that you don’t need to understand. With yarnbombing, you just have to look at it, it’s about basic human reactions. You don’t need to read history of art to understand it. I’m trying to get involved in street art that doesn’t exclude anyone.”

With this in mind, Kerry’s organising an International Street Art Collaboration project to bring knitters from all over the world together to create one massive yarnbomb that will then be stitched in place somewhere in Manchester. The idea’s already captured the imaginations of wool enthusiasts from all over the show, with people getting in touch from New Zealand, Australia, America and Europe to take part.

All you have to do to join in the fun is knit a granny square or two – Kerry’s planning to contribute 60 or so, although even knitting just one would no doubt be much appreciated! The squares can be of any size, colour and pattern since she’s keen to keep it as unrestricted and open as possible for everyone involved.

So, if you want to make your mark on Manchester this year, make sure you get your squares sent into the consortium (via Facebook) by September 1st. With a bit of luck, the yarnbomb will be big enough to cover the Beetham Tower! (Not likely, but a girl can dream…)

What a fab-dab idea! Who’s reaching for their knitting needles as they read?

4 Responses to “Knit happens with the Yarnbomb Consortium”
  1. I am! I can’t exactly stop making yarn into something new. I’m totally contributing to this consortium project. Thanks for posting about it 🙂

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