Pin-ups in Pinnies: A cupcake review

Last week, there was a little knock at my door and, after peeking through the peep hole to make sure it wasn’t someone scary like the TV licensing leeches or the landlord, I opened it up to discover I’d gone back in time to the 1950s. Standing in front of me was Alex from Manchester’s newest retro catering company Pin-ups in Pinnies, decked out from head to toe in a big pink dress, perfectly coiffed hair and little apron. Most importantly, she was carrying a little white box, tied together with a bright pink ribbon.

Inside were four rather inviting cupcakes that Alex had hiked up 91 steps to my flat (she didn’t know about the lift, so definitely full marks for effort!) to deliver to me so I could write this review of her culinary skills. Now, Alex’s tasty treats aren’t quite what you expect when you think of cupcakes. They may look sweet and innocent, with their perfectly swirled icing and beautiful presentation but these cakes definitely come with a bit of a fierce kick.

That’s because they are seriously alcoholic. One bite and I was ready to strap on my dancing shoes and party like it was 1999. She’d given me two variations to taste-test – chocolate and Baileys and cherry and Amaretto – and they were both definitely worth skipping breakfast and lunch for.

The cake itself was perhaps a little dry but I was too busy happily hiccuping into my liquor-laced icing to really notice or care. The chocolate and Baileys option was a bit uninteresting (apart from the gold glitter and chocolate button) and came a very distant second to the cherry and Amaretto, which was absolute bliss in a cupcake case. Icing-wise, the alcohol was definitely very noticeable but not overpowering – ideal!

But it’s not just the cakes you’re buying when you order a delivery and having someone turn up at your house in full 1950s regalia is a lot of fun. Whether you’re planning a party and want something a little different or are just feeling a little bit indulgent and want to sit at home gorging (don’t worry, we all do it), then Pin-ups in Pinnies would definitely be a good choice. It gets 3.5 out of five gold stars from me!

PS. I weighed these cakes because they seemed very heavy when I picked ’em up and they tipped the scales at 100g. I think that’s pretty solid for a cupcake!

So what do you reckon, Manchester people? Going to give ’em a go?

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