Bubbles! A chalkable champagne glass how-to…

If you’ve got a cheap set of champagne flutes that you think is hideously boring but you’re not sure how to go about giving them a bit of pizzazz, then you’re going to love this little project. All you need is some chalk and chalkboard paint and you’re onto a winner. Here’s the how-to!

How to: Make chalkable champagne glasses


– Champagne flutes

– Chalkboard paint

– Chalk


– Clean your glasses and leave to dry

– Stir your chalkboard paint and then dip the stems and a bit of the actual glass into the paint

– Remove excess paint using a brush and leave the glasses upside down to dry. (A second coat is a good idea if you have time, but the paint takes 4 hours to dry…)

– Once dry, chalk them up right nice. This would be the perfect party idea – I’m always putting my glass down somewhere, forgetting where it is and then picking up the wrong one. If it’s got my name on it, problem very much solved!

Got any other good glass-decorating ideas?

2 Responses to “Bubbles! A chalkable champagne glass how-to…”
  1. These are so neat!!! 🙂 love ’em!

    • Sarah Adie says:

      And they’re so easy! I’d definitely recommend two coats if you have time for the paint to dry though, mine chipped quite easily – even as I was writing people’s names on them.

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