Moustache mania!

I won’t pretend to understand the current obsession with upper lip accoutrements – all I know is that I love moustaches as much as the next cad and I would love it if I could grow my own fine and dandy handlebar variety. Sadly, I lack a little testosterone. Happily, I have wool and knitting needles at my disposal! Here’s a how-to to help you make your own dapper ‘tache. Suits you, sir!

How to: Knit yourself a moustache


– Wool in two complementary shades

– Needles


– Pick one of the patterns below

– Cast on 17 stitches

– Using stocking stitch, knit 4 rows in your background colour then get going

– Finish off with 4 more rows in the background colour, cast off, then sew the ends together.

Pattern (provided by the kind-hearted folk over at Manchester’s Whitworth Gallery, as part of the Close Knit festival).


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