Knitters! ArtYarn needs you NOW!

Knitters of the world, unite! Collaborative knitting and crochet group ArtYarn, based in Littleborough and Todmorden oop north, has issued a call to needles and is asking you all to form ranks and start purling to help its latest project get off the ground.

It’s all being run on a very need to know basis – only those knitters who sign up to take part will be given access to such classified information as to what they’ll be making and what it’ll be used for – but I can tell you that your work will be used as part of the grand unveiling at the Vintage Guild weekend, the launch event for the Preston Guild 2012 due to take place between August 30th and September 2nd.

Whether you’ve got years of experience behind you as a knitter or have only just picked up your first pair of needles, it doesn’t matter – the project is open to one and all. For an information pack – and your chance to make  your park on the Preston Guild, which only takes place every 20 years – email, with Preston Guild Knitting Project in the subject bar.

Everyone will be credited for their work but you only have until August 10th to get your knitting in, so you’d better get cracking!

Happy knitting, folks! Let me know if you sign up to take part!


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