Monday’s Points of Pinterest: Creative mending

I often think there’s a bit too much emphasis on ‘make’ and not nearly enough on ‘mend’, so I’ve trawled through Pinterest to try and redress the balance. Here’s just a smidge of some of the creative mending I came across.

1) Paula Barnett pinned these jazzy jeans from Dainty Time.

2) And this rather ferocious pair were pinned by Louise Sirant from Blog Her.

3) Love your jumper just like this, pinned by Naomi Bishop from Honestly WTF.

4) Or go for elbow patches like these, pinned by Paula Mariani from Karen Barbe.

5) Say it with flowers and cover up any pesky holes. This was pinned by Tina Lifferz from 1BP.

Have you done any creative mending before? What do your clothes look like now?

8 Responses to “Monday’s Points of Pinterest: Creative mending”
  1. I love your mending ideas 🙂

  2. I’ve been dying to try #3 for ages, I still haven’t gotten around to it! I haven’t seen #5, super cute!!!

    • Sarah Adie says:

      The flowers are great – I’ll definitely be trying that one. And i love the felted heart too! But the monster jeans still win it for me…i have a cardigan with a hole in the armpit, thinking of making an armpit monster!

  3. I LOVE the heart patch-up….literally wearing your heart on your sleeve, and for the silliness of it – the monster knee!

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