World first: Manchester’s LomoWall

Lomograph photos are where it’s at for flash-happy folk at the moment, with their beautiful blurriness, lo-fi grain and light leaks making every shot decidedly one of a kind. Now, Manchester’s becoming part of the trend, helping to boost the camera’s popularity by opening the first permanent LomoWall in the world, a structure made up of 14,000 photos of this celebrated northern city.

Management company Cityco is collaborating with Lomography Manchester to bring the wall to Tariff Street in the Northern Quarter’s Piccadilly Basin area. As it stands right now, the 30-metre wall in question is a grey, uninspiring blank canvas just begging to be transformed, with Lomography Manchester working tirelessly between now and Thursday (July 26th) to cover it with the thousands of watery-themed Lomo shots taken by people from around the world.

One of the organisers, David Tester – who has been frantically setting up panels since last week – said: “The theme of water was chosen as it fits in well with the 2012 Canal Festival and also as it reflects the surrounding area of the wall. The photos were generated via our online community and through workshops taking place at Lomography Gallery Store Manchester. Every photo that has been used has been taken in and around Manchester.  We had a great response, as always, from our community.”

The official unveiling of the LomoWall is on Thursday evening, to mark the start of the 2012 Canal Festival, an event that will include the city’s first-ever drive-in-float-in outdoor movie, floating gardens and canal craft eco-art. Make your way to Tariff Street for 18:00 in time for the opening, with an after-party at the Lomography Gallery Store on Oldham Street from 19:00.

Call 0161 228 2360 for more information.

Who’s going? I’ll be there, taking photos of photos!

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