Join me in a knit-a-long!

Loyal followers of my blog will know that I’m planning on knitting a Christmas jumper by Christmas, a lofty goal if ever there was one – particularly considering my knitting skills are basically non-existent right now. I’ve made the obligatory scarf and that’s about it!

Happily, this is all about to change. I’ve teamed up with the good folk over at Knit Now magazine to do a monthly knit-a-long on Ravelry using one of their patterns in a bid to help me see success by Christmas time – and I want you all to join me in this venture.

My first project is the Goosey Goosey socks by Joeli Caparco in Knit Now 11’s supplement (in shops now) and I’m off to buy me some wool and double-pointed needles tomorrow, getting going on Sunday.

If you relish the thought of watching me struggle with knitting in the round while you breeze through the pattern in 30 seconds, come and join the party! Obviously, any help would be very much appreciated! Hope to see you there…

Follow the Ravelry thread here:

Who’s up for it?

3 Responses to “Join me in a knit-a-long!”
  1. Monthyl knit-a-long? Crikey! Not sure I can commit this time, (a lot of stuff going on in the next few weeks) but I’ll use this as inspiration to get cracking on my ‘Riviera’ jumper from Vintage Knits x

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