In pictures: Dig the City

Dig the City, a horticultural event in Manchester celebrating urban gardening, has just come to a close but it’s hoped that its legacy will live on, with the launch of a living street where a road once was. Victoria Street outside the cathedral has now been transformed into an urban garden, with Sam Lovett of charity Groundwork Manchester proudly noting that it’s already making a difference to life in the city centre.

“It’s only been here a week and already we’re seeing things that we wouldn’t normally see, like dragonflies and butterflies,” he said.

I went along on Saturday to have a quick look at the flowers and take a few snaps of what was going on, and ended up getting a little green-fingered myself, making a seed bomb with some lupin seeds before embarking on my first guerilla gardening expedition and launching it into some shrubs in the Northern Quarter.

Here are my snaps of the day:

How to: Make a seed bomb


– Seeds

– Mulch

– Soil

– Water


– Ball a bit of mulch with some soil and mix with a bottle cap of water, not making it too muddy.

– Press a small handful of seeds into your soil ball, making sure they’re covered up.

– Wrap the ball in two sheets of newspaper and tie up with string.

– Find somewhere in the concrete jungle to throw it, then go back in a few months to see how your garden grows!

Who else went to Dig the City? What a fab idea!

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