Five minutes with Nicky Epstein

If you’re a fan of knitting then you’ve probably heard of Nicky Epstein. She’s written so many wonderful and interesting books on the subject and her latest one, Knitting In Circles, really doesn’t disappoint. It’s full of great ideas for knitting beautiful circular patterns – and has some brilliant patterns for making clothes out of all the circles themselves, from shawls and dresses to capes and pullovers.

Nicky’s been touring around the blogosphere for the last week and now it’s my turn to catch up with the lady herself to find out a bit more about her latest book – and I’ve got one copy of Knitting In Circles to give away to one very lucky reader! So read on if you want to learn how to knit in circles…

Five minutes with Nicky Epstein

Black Cat Originals: How easy is it to knit in a circle? What’s the best way?
Nicky Epstein: It depends on the circle. They range from very easy to complicated. There are several ways to make circles, using double pointed needles, working short rows, or using increases and decreases, to name a few.

BCO: Which of the circles in your book would be best for a beginner to start with? 
NE: The five-spiral decrease.

BCO: Got any tips for people about to make their first circle? 
NE: Buy my book… and try all of the techniques!

BCO: Which of the circles in your book is your particular favourite and why? 
NE: It’s so hard to answer this… I truly enjoy the beauty of them all.

BCO: First blocks, now circles – what other shapes intrigue you as a knitter? 
NE: All shapes intrigue me , especially unusual asymmetrical shapes.

BCO: Why do you think knitting and other crafts are enjoying such a resurgence in interest at the moment? 
NE: The wonderful craft stores and yarn shops help. People in general want to connect with their inner creativity. And young people have re-embraced knitting and contemporized the art and craft of it.

BCO: How did you first get into knitting? 

NE: My mother and grandmother first taught me at age six. I started doing it for a living after I won a McCall’s magazine knit design contest and the calls from knitting publications started coming in. Thank goodness they are still coming in!

BCO: What was the first thing you made? Do you still have it?
NE: A Barbie doll white shawl done in garter stitch, with less than perfect results… but I loved it.

So – who wants to bag themselves a copy of Knitting In Circles? All you have to do is leave me a comment below and the winner will be picked at random. Good luck!

The blog tour continues this week, so here’s where you can find out even more about Nicky:

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8 Responses to “Five minutes with Nicky Epstein”
  1. It’s odd but I find it really difficult to grasp using circular needles – give me dpns any day!

  2. Thanks so much – sorry to be so rudely late in thanking you, I got lost in the interweb 😉 Can’t wait for my book, I’ve emailed the address.

  3. Sarah Adie says:

    Hi guys! I’ve randomly picked a winner and heather aka NiftyKnits is the lucky recipient of Knitting In Circles. Heather – message me your email address so I can pass your details on to GMC! 🙂

  4. This book sounds so lovely! I never even knew one could knit in circles…!

  5. gussek says:

    I would love a copy!
    gussek on Ravelry

  6. oh yes please – it’d be nice to knit something for meeeee!

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