#imapiece comes to Manchester!

008You may have heard of #imapiece – the latest project to come out of The Craftivist Collective, a group of activists using craft as a peaceful form of protest to draw attention to global issues like poverty, famine and unethical working practices.

#imapiece was launched on World Food Day back in October in support of Save the Children’s Race Against Hunger campaign, with big names in the craft world Hilary Pullen from Craft Blog UK, Mr X Stitch (who you may remember from my interview with the original manbroiderer himself) and yarnbomber extraordinaire Deadly Knitshade joining Craftivist Collective founder Sarah Corbett to put hunger at the top of the agenda of the G8 summit in 2013.

Although Sarah is based in London, she hotfooted it up to Manchester to be at Nexus Art Cafe for the first meeting of the northern branch of the Craftivist Collective, run by Lorna McBride, which called on the 30 or so people in attendance to get stitching for #imapiece. The aim of the campaign is to get everyone to embroider or cross-stitch a jigsaw piece with encouraging and provocative messages to remind them that, en masse, we can bring about positive change in the world.

You have until May to get your jigsaw pieces sent off to Sarah, after which they’ll all be stitched together to make one huge jigsaw puzzle art installation that will help raise awareness and show the government that the craft community is keen to see the government fight injustice. The second of your jigsaw pieces is for you to keep to remind you to be part of the solution and the third piece is for you to hand to your MP, asking them to be the change they want to see in the world.

Here are a couple of snaps of the evening, which was great fun and entirely worthwhile. So what are you waiting for? #imapiece of the puzzle – are you?

Lorna McBride

Lorna McBride

Sarah Corbett

Sarah Corbett


One Response to “#imapiece comes to Manchester!”
  1. John Adie says:

    Well done – how fascinating. Xx

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