Christmas at the Black Cat flat!

So you’ve seen my Christmas tree. Here’s how I’ve decorated the rest of my living room!


Hope you like it! I’m obsessed with my Nutcracker decoration, which I picked up from the German market in Manchester! I also love making pomanders every year – they’re so easy and smell delicious. Here’s a tip: draw your design on the orange in felt pen first, then stuff the cloves. While I was out foraging wood for my tree, I stealthily nabbed a branch of holly (sorry, countryside), some of which I sprayed gold to make festive teacups. I also had loads of fun making my mini pompoms for all my presents… all you have to do is wrap your wool around a fork lots of times, tie it up, then snip. And if you want my recipe for cinnamon sugared almonds, head over to the Simply Homemade blog (which I manage!).

5 Responses to “Christmas at the Black Cat flat!”
  1. Penny Adie says:

    I want to forward this to people and the way I did it last time was to copy and paste. It won’t do it now. I’m sure this isn’t the way to do it. How should I send it to lots of other people. Vicky Belam loved your other one and sent it to a friend. xx

  2. Penny says:

    Really pretty and so original. Can smell the cloves from here.

  3. John says:

    All looks wonderful although Flora, our German Shepherd, would probably eat a lot of your decorations….she has just discovered her well hidden Christmas present – cinnamon decorations would be a great distraction….should have thought of that!

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