Manchester’s Vintage Kilo Sale

I love a bit of shopping, me. Sometimes I even have to leave my bank card at home when I go out just in case I spend all my hard-earned cash. So when I found out about a vintage kilo sale going on at The People’s History Museum in Manchester (put on by Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair), I knew I had to check it out. £15 for a kilo of clothes? I think yes!

It was the most terrifying experience of my life.

I got there early and there was already a queue, which I joined in good faith. Nothing could prepare me for the absolute carnage that was to follow. What could only be described as skips full of clothes were dotted around the floor and, even though I was one of the first in, I was soon swamped by hordes of fanatical bargain hunters, all of us elbow deep in clothes, trying to find that one gem in a bin full of rubbish.

There were some nice enough clothes to pick up but a lot of it was past repair, or for much skinnier folk than I. I found a gorgeous fur and denim jacket that I would have stuffed in my bag if it weren’t for all the holes and there were lots of cute trousers, tweed jackets and dotty shirts that wouldn’t have fit me in a month of Sundays.

I was a bit disappointed to find quite a lot of H&M clothes in there (don’t care how you dress it up, that ain’t vintage!), but did come away with a pair of green shorts and a denim jacket so it wasn’t a total bust. If I were to go to another (which I think quite unlikely at this juncture!), I’d look at it from a material point of view rather than trying to find new clothes and then do a spot of customising or making something else out of what I score.

Here’s what I picked up, anyhoo:


What’s your experience of vintage kilo sales? Yea or nay?

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