The Black Cat

Hello and welcome to Black Cat Originals. If you’ve found your way here – either accidentally or with a purpose in mind – then it’s probably because you’re interested in arts and crafts and want to see what other like-minded people are up to or, more likely, you’re a friend of mine who I’ve commanded to come and have a look.

My name’s Sarah and I am, by trade, a journalist, currently working as acting editor for Practical Publishing’s latest magazine Crafty – a contemporary handmade magazine with a delightfully retro twist. Other mags I’ve worked on include Knit Now, Simply Homemade and Scrapbook Magazine. Since graduating from the University of Cardiff having thoroughly enjoyed my time on the postgraduate magazine journalism course, I’ve been writing about all sorts of different subjects – ranging from celebrity gossip and hair styles to weird events from around the world and the sights and sounds of Cuba – and have done a bit of freelancing for local Devon paper the Western Morning News, Devon Life, Somerset Life and the Mid-Devon Gazette, with other articles of mine appearing in Bizarre magazine, Muso, Fresh Direction and BBC Music magazine’s website.

I’ve also completed an internship with Media Mad, writing for JLife Leeds, JLife Manchester and Hospitality & Events North. I’m now quite the authority on Jewish communities in the north-west!

My job at Practical Publishing is lots of fun – because I get to immerse myself in arts and crafts all day long! You can also pit your skills against mine in my monthly knit-along with Knit Now, over on Ravelry and Twitter. Hope to see you there!

Journalism aside, I’m a happy crafter and like to make pretty, shiny things for all my friends, which is what inspired me to start this blog.

Whatever your reason for your visit to my web page, I hope you enjoy your stay and come back again, perhaps even bringing some friends along for the ride because, as they say, the more the merrier! At the moment, I’m concentrating on knitting and sewing (having just received a sparkly new Janome machine for Christmas) but I also like to paint, primarily in ink, make cards, scrapbook and draw beautiful pictures for charming people.

I hope you have a lovely day!

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