My craft DIYs on the Daily Telegraph website!

A few months ago, I was approached by the Daily Telegraph to see if I wanted to do 10 step-by-step craft projects for their website as part of an advertising campaign encouraging people to get out and about and just plain do more. Of course, I said hell to the yes and the first three … Continue reading

Chaps who craft: Shadow_Stitch

Shadow_Stitch is one of the many covert yarnbombers out there, making the concrete jungle a much more beautiful place to be. Read on to find out more about this enigmatic Edinburgh artist.

Meet Your Maker: Peter Lappin of Male Pattern Boldness

From sewing for ten hours a day to only using vintage machines, Peter Lappin of the amazing Male Pattern Boldness blog reveals all about his passion for needlework.

Gentlemen’s sewing

Rugby games and X Box just don’t cut it for the modern man of the 21st century any more and sewing is now nearing the top of the hobby heap for a lot of guys, with sustainable fashion shop Junk in Manchester revealing just how popular this new trend actually is. Sew – be a man.

Quilting with Venom

What do you get if you cross Cath Kidston with Black Sabbath? Ben Venom, that’s who, an American artist who’s come up with a brilliant way to recycle all his old heavy metal T-shirts – turning them into gigantic quilts.

Chaps who craft: Andrew Salomone

Technology and arts and crafts go hand in hand where Andrew Salomone is concerned. Read on to find out all about his latest machine-knit creations, from an Amy Winehouse-inspired jumper to balaclavas bearing his own face.

Chaps who craft: Mr X Stitch

From making his own patterns to getting odd looks on the train, Mr X Stitch tells all about the ins and outs of being a guy who likes to sew.

Rock on

At first glance, opals may seem like a somewhat nondescript little stone, but shine a bright light on them and they sparkle like nobody’s business. I discover the delights of opal cutting on a very remote farm in deepest, darkest Devon.

Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen tells all

Famous for Peter Schmeichel, bacon and, of course, Lurpak, Denmark can now add one more attraction to its list of achievements – it’s the home of Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen, artist extraordinaire. Read on to find out about the 25-year-old’s paper tattoos, love of all things nautical and, interestingly enough, bananas.

Hungry? Let sculpting whet your appetite

Cardiff enjoys a taste of the things to come, dished up by food-sculpting chef Thangiaraj Maheswaran Jayabalasubramanian. I discover the delights of salt, flour and gelatine in ways I never thought I would.