My craft DIYs on the Daily Telegraph website!

A few months ago, I was approached by the Daily Telegraph to see if I wanted to do 10 step-by-step craft projects for their website as part of an advertising campaign encouraging people to get out and about and just plain do more. Of course, I said hell to the yes and the first three … Continue reading

The jumper doctor is in

Sometimes clothes get sick, die and go on to a better place – the giant wardrobe in the sky. Other times, they can be nursed back to health with a needle and thread and this is just what self-styled jumper doctor Lou Tonkin has decided is her vocation. Here’s how she’s been giving clothes a second chance at life.

Meet Your Maker: Laura Howard of Bugs and Fishes

Bugs and Fishes is one of the best felt blogs to be found on the web and owner Laura Howard is rightly proud of all her handiwork. Find out here about her favourite tutorials, the first project she ever turned her hand to and just why she goes by the nickname Lupin.

The luck of the Irish

Ah, St Paddy’s Day! Show your Irish pride with one of these amazingly cute four-leaf clover pennants. Eirinn go brach! (That’s “Ireland forever”, don’t you know!?)

Felt pinwheel necklaces for the win!

Another easy statement necklace project for y’all! And this one’s wheelie wheelie good!

Make a statement (necklace)

I love a statement necklace, me, but I’m poor and can’t afford to buy any. Luckily, I have craft on my side! Here’s one I made earlier!

Sweet strawberry needle book

This needle book is exceptionally sweet and easy as pie to make. Here’s how to go about it.

Mobiles for boys

Cutesy-pie nursery decorations ain’t just for girls, chaps, and the perfect baby blue hanging mobile for your little bundle of joy is but a mouse click away.

Doily table runners: What a good idea

Here’s a great little crafting project for you all – a rather gorgeous table runner that wouldn’t look out of place beneath the Queen’s good china. Doilies to the rescue!

Quick crafts: The perfect pinwheel brooch

If you’re faced with a crafting emergency and have to fashion something quick, fast and in a hurry for a pal, then make it this pinwheel brooch. Simple to make, beautiful to look at – the perfect combination. Huzzah!