In pictures: Manchester’s very own LomoWall

Here some photos of the first permanent LomoWall in the world – and it can be found in Manchester! Follow the Google Map to discover it for yourself.


In pictures: Dig the City

I went along to Dig the City in Manchester to see how its living street is doing and to try my hand at some guerilla gardening. Just call me Alan Titchmarsh.

World first: Manchester’s LomoWall

Manchester’s Northern Quarter is speedily making a name for itself as a bit of a cultural hotspot. Now, it’s the first city in the whole world to have a permanent LomoWall installed. Here’s the story.

In pictures: My jolly jubilee weekend

Just a couple of pictures of my Jubilee-filled weekend. I partied with the Queen (sort of…)

Food, glorious food photography

Photo-journalist Amy Davies shares some of her tasty tips to help bloggers make the most out of their foodie posts.

Altrincham: A Pixlr-o-matic tour

What’s the photography app of choice if you’ve got an HTC smartphone? Give Pixlr-o-matic a go, why don’tcha!