Monday’s Points of Pinterest: Fair Isle fantastic

I’m planning to knit a Fair Isle jumper by Christmas (nope, not started yet), so made my way to Pinterest for a bit of inspiration. Here’s what I discovered…


Monday’s Points of Pinterest: Creative mending

Mending clothes is just as cool as making ’em these days. Here’s some inspiration from Pinterest for fixing up your favourite jumper. Wear your holes with pride!

Monday’s Points of Pinterest: Typography

One of the best places to go for typography inspiration is Pinterest. Here are some of my favourite examples of lettering on the social networking site.

Monday’s Points of Pinterest: Jolly Jubilee!

Congrats on the old Diamond Jubilee, Lizzie! Here’s how Pinterest has celebrated your 60 years.

Monday’s Points of Pinterest: Customised clothes

Take a look at what Pinterest has to offer in the way of customised clothing. I’ll never throw anything away again!

Monday’s Points of Pinterest: Truly scrumptious recipes

Warning! If you’re hungry and daydreaming about lunchtime, this post could tip you over the edge! If you like torturing yourself, however, carry on to discover some lovely recipe ideas – all found on social networking site Pinterest.

Monday’s Points of Pinterest: A yarnbombing extravaganza!

Knitting’s cool and you know it. And just in case you don’t know it, here are a couple of pins from Pinterest revealing the best in yarnbombing – taking ownership of public spaces using wool – from around the world.

Tuesday’s Points of Pinterest: Upcycling away

Reduce, reuse, recycle with some of these great ideas from the wonder that is Pinterest.

Monday’s Points of Pinterest: Punk ain’t dead

The blog’s come over all subversive this week – just check out all these punk-tastic pins from Pinterest. Remember: We’re not trying to be different. We just are.

Monday’s points of Pinterest: Top embroidery

I’ve got a bit of a sewing theme going on with my blog this week, so thought I’d give Pinterest a quick perusal to see what embroidery pins there are. Here are the (rather fantastic) results.