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The Primrose Bakery: Rose biscuits

Yumski! I give another Primrose Bakery recipe a go and have to say that these biccies would be ideal for any vintage tea party. Scoff, scoff, scoff…

Manchester’s Women’s Institute: In Pictures

Last week, the Manchester city centre branch of the Women’s Institute held it’s first-ever meeting. Here’s what went down.

S’mores galore!

Barbecue weather! If you’re not full after stuffing yourself with chicken, kebabs, baked potatoes and sausages, round it all off with a s’more or two. Here’s my version of this American classic.

Pin-ups in Pinnies: A cupcake review

Alcoholic cupcakes? Who’d have thunk it? I put my taste buds to the test, sampling some of Pin-ups in Pinnies’ boozy baked goods. Cheers, y’all!

Monday’s Points of Pinterest: Truly scrumptious recipes

Warning! If you’re hungry and daydreaming about lunchtime, this post could tip you over the edge! If you like torturing yourself, however, carry on to discover some lovely recipe ideas – all found on social networking site Pinterest.

Jam and Jerusalem in Manchester

Ladies, arm yourselves with knitting needles and crochet hooks! The Women’s Institute has FINALLY come to Manchester city centre. For home and country, everyone, for home and country!

Pin-Ups in Pinnies

Take two eggs, a cup of flour, 100g of butter, one teaspoon of vanilla, a dash of old-school femininity and a pinch of 1950s glamour…Wait, what? That’s the strangest recipe ever! What on earth are you making? Pin-Ups in Pinnies, of course – Manchester’s very own catering company that bakes cupcakes and vintage to perfection every time.

Cinnamon pinwheels: The easiest recipe in the world

Because my High Tea linky party’s on again today (quick, quick – find your favourite posts!) I thought I’d treat you all to some taste-a-licious pinwheels. Don’t eat them all at once!

A vanilla cupcake celebration

My High Tea linky party’s on until tomorrow and no tea party is complete without a raft of delicious cupcakes. Here’s a recipe for some tasty vanilla bites with a bit of an icing surprise.