The Chelsea Flower Show visitors applaud Music on the Moors

While at the Chelsea Flower Show, I took it upon myself to canvass visitors’ opinions about the Two Moors Festival’s plot of land, Music on the Moors. Here’s what a few of them thought about this year’s best courtyard garden. Advertisements

Dr Stephen Head, environmentalist, discusses Music on the Moors

I chat with Dr Stephen Head, a semi-retired environmental consultant, about the Two Moors Festival’s garden at the Chelsea Flower Show, which won a gold medal and the best courtyard award.

Music on the Moors – the Two Moors Festival does the Chelsea Flower Show

This week, I’ve left behind my nine-to-five desk job – five days off from writing stories about oak furniture, wahey! – and have hotfooted it down to London to check out the Chelsea Flower Show, hosted by the Royal Horticultural Society, for the first time. As a hay fever sufferer, I was somewhat trepidatious but … Continue reading