Felt pinwheel necklaces for the win!

Another easy statement necklace project for y’all! And this one’s wheelie wheelie good!


Make a statement (necklace)

I love a statement necklace, me, but I’m poor and can’t afford to buy any. Luckily, I have craft on my side! Here’s one I made earlier!

Craft it Forward: My endeavours so far

I’m Crafting it Forward for the first time this year. Here’s what I’ve made for five lucky people thus far (three down, two to go).

Craft it Forward: Sign up here

Ah, the excitement! My Craft it Forward pressies arrived in the post on Saturday, courtesy of the wonderful Lou over at Ooh la Lapin, so I’m now on the lookout for five people to send something just as amazing to. Join in the fun!

Craft it Forward

Don’t be selfish with your crafty projects. Get to grips with Craft It Forward and share the handmade wealth. God bless us, everyone!