Monday’s Points of Pinterest: Fair Isle fantastic

I’m planning to knit a Fair Isle jumper by Christmas (nope, not started yet), so made my way to Pinterest for a bit of inspiration. Here’s what I discovered…


The Art of Knitting: Manchester’s Close Knit festival

Manchester’s Close Knit festival continued over the weekend, with a workshop at the Whitworth Art Gallery looking into knitting as an art form rather than ‘merely’ a craft.

Knitting in the round

I reckoned knitting in the round would be pretty easy. Oh, what a fool I can be sometimes.

Knitting a Christmas jumper by Christmas

Challenge time! I have ten months to knit a Christmas jumper by Christmas. Here’s how I’ve got on so far.

Fair Isle knitting with the Ministry of Craft

I grab my needles and wool and do my jolly best to master the time-honoured style of Fair Isle knitting.