Burn, baby, burn

This January, the Manchester Artists’ Bonfire is back for a second year but it’s not all s’mores and toasted marshmallows. Prepare to embrace change in 2012 with Castlefield Gallery and Islington Mill.


All Brussels sprouts are good for…

Brussels sprouts are the stuff nightmares are made of. When it comes to eating them, that is. Where arts and crafts are concerned, this evil little green ball actually comes into its own. Big up the Brussels sprout!

Let Them Eat Cake

Right now, I’m all about the baking, I’m all about the bakey bake bakey bake bake. While my cakes taste yummy (if I do say so myself!), my icing always looks like a miniature cow has ambled along and deposited a buttercream pat on top. Until now, that is! I’ve just been on a cupcake masterclass with Little Paper Cakes and the Ministry of Craft and am now a cupcake icing queen. Tra la la!

Spook-tacular pumpkin fun!

I’m a member of the Pumpkin Defence League and, as such, am reluctant to mercilessly cut them up with a carving knife. Here’s my kind-hearted alternative to this time-honoured (but cruel beyond measure) Halloween craft.

Seriously cheesy

Joy! Food and crafting converge once more – this time some very clever students have made dresses out of cheese. Yes, that’s right, cheese. Lady Gaga, literally eat your heart out!

Arts Council budget gets the chop

Arts Council funding gets the chop

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the government’s comprehensive spending review has resulted in the Arts Council’s budget being slashed. What does this mean for the country’s arts organisations?

Food and art – the perfect combination

After getting a firsthand look at what Cardiff-based chef Mahesh can create with salt, flour, gelatine and a bit of coffee, I thought I’d have a quick peek to see what else is out there in the food art world – and it’s great!

Hungry? Let sculpting whet your appetite

Cardiff enjoys a taste of the things to come, dished up by food-sculpting chef Thangiaraj Maheswaran Jayabalasubramanian. I discover the delights of salt, flour and gelatine in ways I never thought I would.