Monday’s Points of Pinterest: Tea Parties

I’m about to hold my first High Tea linky party – starting on Wednesday April 11th at 16:00, so have your favourite posts at the ready – and I thought I’d do a quick Pinterest collection of all things tea party-esque to honour the occasion. It’s quaint, it’s twee – and it’s utterly fantastic!


Monday’s Points of Pinterest: Mad Men

To celebrate the start of Mad Men season five on the tellybox, here’s a very special collection of the best pins on Pinterest. And remember, folks – happiness really is the smell of a new car.

Chimichanga, chimi chimi changa!

“Oh, you, pretty chimichanga, chimi chimi changa we love you. And in chimi chimi changa, what we’ll do. Near, far, in a motor car, oh what a happy time we’ll spend. Chang chang, chimi chimi chang chang, our fine four-fendered friend”…is what I was singing very loudly as I made my first-ever chimichanga the other day.