Quill This

Quilling – the fine art of paper rolling – has been around for centuries but it’s never really been a craft for the cool kids. Until recently that is, and now modern artists around the world are pioneering something of a quilling revival, creating some truly astounding works of art that are leaving traditional quilled cards and invitations behind in their dust.


Monday’s Points of Pinterest

Never heard of washi tape? Then just where the hell have you been? Here’s a brief Pin-troduction to these groovy little rolls of tape.

Craft it Forward

Don’t be selfish with your crafty projects. Get to grips with Craft It Forward and share the handmade wealth. God bless us, everyone!

More tea, vicar?

Yes please, if only for the pretty wrapper it comes in. That’s right – tea bag folding’s here and it’s not just for your nan.

DIY marbled paper

Sick of shelling out the big bucks for beautiful pieces of scrapbooking paper? Here’s the answer to all your problems – make your own!

Who needs a Cricut machine?

Cricut, Sissix, die-cutting – all rather strange words and, I put it to you, expensive and unnecessary kit. Here’s how to create your own letters without forking out £200 for a machine.

The wedding book

My sister got married last year and I thought rather than buy her something generic that anyone could give her if they happened to go into the same shop as me, I’d make her a photo album/scrapbook keepsake. It’s also why I haven’t blogged as much as I would have liked to in the last few months. Take a look!

The perfect arts and crafts kit

There are certain items no happy crafter should be without. Read on to find out more.

Lace tape: Yes or no?

I was very excited to make the discovery of lace tape. Now I’m not so sure.

Arts Council budget gets the chop

Arts Council funding gets the chop

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the government’s comprehensive spending review has resulted in the Arts Council’s budget being slashed. What does this mean for the country’s arts organisations?