The jumper doctor is in

Sometimes clothes get sick, die and go on to a better place – the giant wardrobe in the sky. Other times, they can be nursed back to health with a needle and thread and this is just what self-styled jumper doctor Lou Tonkin has decided is her vocation. Here’s how she’s been giving clothes a second chance at life.


Monday’s Points of Pinterest: Creative mending

Mending clothes is just as cool as making ’em these days. Here’s some inspiration from Pinterest for fixing up your favourite jumper. Wear your holes with pride!

Denim and lace

I’ve finally plucked up the courage to use my new sewing machine for something other than pinwheel brooches and actually made some clothes. My mother will be so proud!

Monday’s Points of Pinterest: Customised clothes

Take a look at what Pinterest has to offer in the way of customised clothing. I’ll never throw anything away again!

Meet Your Maker: Peter Lappin of Male Pattern Boldness

From sewing for ten hours a day to only using vintage machines, Peter Lappin of the amazing Male Pattern Boldness blog reveals all about his passion for needlework.

Meet Your Maker: Amy Adams of LucyKate Crafts

Do you need a bit of craft and blogging inspiration? Amy Adams of LucyKate Crafts – who somehow manages to find the time to complete beautiful projects, blog about it AND look after her children – is here to help.

Gentlemen’s sewing

Rugby games and X Box just don’t cut it for the modern man of the 21st century any more and sewing is now nearing the top of the hobby heap for a lot of guys, with sustainable fashion shop Junk in Manchester revealing just how popular this new trend actually is. Sew – be a man.

Ahoy there!

This week I found my sea legs making a snazzy little maritime cushion for my brand spanking new nephew. Here’s how to do it yourself!

Freebie Friday: A pretty little purse

How sweet is this fruit and flowers purse? Perfect for the warmer weather! Answer one easy-peasy question and it could be yours!

Freebie Friday: A sweet little sock monkey!

This little guy was abandoned by his mother at a very young age and is now looking for a new adoptive family. He can’t remember his name so if you give him one, he’s yours!