Five minutes with Kyoko Nakayoshi

I’ve found the knitting pattern for knitting my Christmas jumper by Christmas – and have had a lovely chat with the designer, Kyoko Nakayoshi!


Hat success!

Finally I have hat-knitting success! Have a ganders at this!

Monday’s Points of Pinterest: Fair Isle fantastic

I’m planning to knit a Fair Isle jumper by Christmas (nope, not started yet), so made my way to Pinterest for a bit of inspiration. Here’s what I discovered…

My first sock!

The awful knitting continues…

Inspector Norse & the knitted autopsy

Manchester-based group the Lip Service Theatre Company is planning what can only be assumed will be the first knitted autopsy to take place on a UK stage. Here’s the lowdown on its latest play, crime thriller Inspector Norse.

Join me in a knit-a-long!

I’m doing a knit-a-long with Knit Now magazine this month – and I want you to come and play too!

Chaps who craft: Shadow_Stitch

Shadow_Stitch is one of the many covert yarnbombers out there, making the concrete jungle a much more beautiful place to be. Read on to find out more about this enigmatic Edinburgh artist.

The jumper doctor is in

Sometimes clothes get sick, die and go on to a better place – the giant wardrobe in the sky. Other times, they can be nursed back to health with a needle and thread and this is just what self-styled jumper doctor Lou Tonkin has decided is her vocation. Here’s how she’s been giving clothes a second chance at life.

Knitters! ArtYarn needs you NOW!

Knitting and purling your new favourite hobby? Then sign up for this new top-secret project and leave your stamp on the 2012 Preston Guild.

Knit happens with the Yarnbomb Consortium

Yarnbombing’s going to explode in Manchester this year, thanks to the brand-spanking new Yarnbomb Consortium, which is launching an International Street Art Collaboration project to create one huge piece of art. Knitters needed now!