Around the World In Amy Days

Here it is, finally! After one year of hard graft and broken promises I have actually only gone and done it – I’ve finished the scrapbook/photo album that I was making for my best friend Amy, who a few years ago decided to up sticks and jet off to foreign climes.

Suffice to say, I’ve missed her a lot and was very sad to see the back of her so decided to make her this book to remind me of all the good (and slightly crazy) times we shared but also so that she wouldn’t forget me and all her friends back home in humdrum England in the face of excitement and eating testicles in Thailand.

I’ve loved making it (although at times it was a bit of a burden, particularly after a heavy Friday night when all I wanted to do was cry into my hangover cure) and was both sad and elated to finally hand it over to the lady herself when she came back from Australia for a fleeting visit last month. I have learned a few things about scrapbooking as well, which has been great (and necessary):

– Don’t buy a massive book as it will be impossible to fill and inspiration can sometimes be hard to find

– Avoid choosing a book that has sticky pages and plastic protective sheets as it makes everything much harder

– Look at what pictures and materials you have before starting

– Decide on a theme before you get going

These are just a few things I’ll be bearing in mind the next time I embark on such a venture again (which, actually, will be quite soon so watch this space). Anyway, I’ve included a few snaps of some of the pages from the book for you all to have a sneak peek at. Enjoy!


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