O, Christmas tree

It’s Christmas! With just one week to go, I think I can get a bit excited about the festive season now. All my shopping’s done, the tree’s up, tasty treats are baked, the house smells of oranges, presents are wrapped – job done! Compared with last year, I feel very smug and organised – particularly because I decided not to bother buying a tree this time around (£60 it cost me in 2011, £60!!!) but thought I’d fashion an alternative one that wouldn’t cost a pretty penny.

So I went a-foraging with the boy and came home with five sticks, all ready to be tied together with twine and decorated in a just-as frugal way (I went with dried oranges, which look lovely!).

Here’s what went down…


13 Responses to “O, Christmas tree”
  1. Winter Owls says:

    A beautiful rustic tree, I love it!

  2. Stephanie Hughes says:

    Just love it!

  3. Vicky Belam says:

    Love the tree Sarah – Christmas greetings to you and Tom,
    Vicky & Des

  4. John says:

    Like the snow too – great idea.

  5. Penny says:

    It really does look wonderful. Amazing and so very pretty. Would you like to do one here? Plenty of wood.

  6. That looks AMAZING! I bet it smells delicious too – nice job!


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